Your organization is empowered to make plans!

Within your organization’s annual events, you are invited to tag your events’ promotional pieces with the 175th logo and choose a theme that best exemplifies your organizational mission. Monthly themes are listed above.

For example, PCAA might tag its Oktoberfest promotional pieces with the 175th logo and “Lasting Traditions”. The Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce might celebrate 175 years of the business community at its banquet in March 2022 by incorporating the 175th logo and “Lasting Commerce”.

As a city, we’ll also champion these Lasting themes each month, and your organization is invited to create ways of celebrating its chosen theme during the designated month.

Nonprofit organizations and businesses are also encouraged to create and stage new events for the celebration year.

Schools have an opportunity to enjoy local history, adding 175th markings on rockets, sports gear, etc., as well as creating banners, exhibits and events by tagging with the 175th logo and the theme “Lasting Education”.

With us all tagging our promotional pieces with the 175th logo and chosen theme, and incorporating Fredericksburg’s history within our events, we will collectively ensure our anniversary is celebrated on a deserving scale.

It might seem like the celebratory year is far away, but time is flying. We encourage your organization to plan and budget early, and go all-in now to celebrate our upcoming 175th anniversary.

Tony Klein, 175th Anniversary Chairman

Linda Langerhans, 175th Anniversary Vice-Chairman


Your organization is encouraged to develop a promotion or event that best exemplifies its role in the history, preservation and future of Fredericksburg. Click here to request the official 175th Anniversary Planning Toolkit.

And your chosen 175th anniversary theme into your organization’s promotional pieces, exhibits and events.

View our brand standards.

During the month designated for your chosen theme.

For your events during the year that shows Fredericksburg history and/or your organization’s history.

To celebrate the 175th anniversary year.

Talk about the year-long celebration at your meetings, among members and in the community. Add it to meeting agendas.

To create other ways of celebrating the 175th within your organization.

photo by Claire McCormack

Event Integration ideas


Does my organization HAVE to participate?

While there is no requirement to participate, the more organizations that participate, the better. It will be the collective effort of all organizations and businesses that will assure the success of our 175th Anniversary.

What will it cost to participate?

There is no cost to be part of the year-long 175th Anniversary Celebration and to use the logo in your marketing of your 175th Anniversary events and activities. However, if you want to create a brand new event, your organization will need to absorb the costs involved.

Can we create our own souvenirs?

We request that any 175th Anniversary merchandise come from the official Merchandise Sub Committee. There will be “souvenir” exhibits available to display at your event/business if you would like to have a merchandise option.

can I volunteer, get involved or be on a committee?