Texas German Lessons

Texas German is a distinct dialect that can be heard throughout the state, especially all over Fredericksburg. Now, it is a dying language and if something isn’t done to preserve, it could be gone for good. Learn some Texas German from Jan Fritz of KNAF Radio and pass it on! 

Lesson 1:  Wie gehts “How goes it?” “What’s going on?”

Lesson 2: Was ist los “What’s up?” “What’s loose?” “What’s hanging?”

Lesson 3: Mach schnell “Hurry Up!” 

Lesson 4: Du has recht “You are right!”

Lesson 5: Schlaf gut “Sleep good!  Ich lebe dich I love you!” 

Lesson 6: Gott in Himmel -“God in Heaven”

Lesson 7: Eichkatz “Acorn Cat or Squirrel”

Lesson 8: Affenschwanz “Monkey tail”

Lesson 9: Bundesfest/Schuetzenfest/Schuetzenkoenig/Lebe hoch/Wunderbar “Grand Fest, Shooting Fest, shooting king, he lives high, wonderful”

Also mentioned is Machts gut- Good bye

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